Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy is a unique treatment that uses very low-level of microcurrents for relieving pain, curing soft tissues, healing inflammation and treating several other health problems. Each tissue in our body possesses its own individual electrical frequency. This gets disturbed by an injury or a disease. We can generate electrical signals similar to the natural signals that the body produces for repairing its damaged tissues. This can help in accelerating the healing process. Microcurrent therapy is used to restore the normal current frequencies within the body cells. This results in phenomenal improvements in pain, inflammation, and other functions.

Microcurrent therapy devices are approved by FDA , The Food and Drug Administration and the therapy is recommended to be used for improving the blood circulation and range of movements, decreasing and muscular spasm and energizing nerves and muscles. This treatment is also successfully used for retarding or preventing the atrophy of tissues in the muscles.

It also can cut down swelling and inflammation, stop acute or chronic pain, help release the muscle trigger points and improve regeneration of soft tissues.

Microcurrent therapy provides the electrical energy to stimulate and boost up the circulatory system in every cell in the body. As the blood circulates through the pain area, it takes more oxygen and thus encourages a quicker natural healing. It also improves the protein synthesis needed for repairing of tissues. The increase in the blood flow and reduction in the inflammation results into decrease in pain as well as muscle spasm and expanded range of movements.
It is successful in nearly 85 % of cases. The treatment is easier with almost no side effects except a mild redness caused in a few cases at the spots where electrode (probes) are placed. The redness normally disappears within 10 minutes. There is no discomfort to the patient.

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