Foot Orthotics are primarily made for 2 reasons:

● There are bunions, plantar warts, or gross foot malformations.

● Biomechanical Alteration (causing foot/ankle, knee, hip, & back pain).

If you are seeking orthotics because of problem bunions or plantar warts, you need to see a podiatrist. They are the best doctors to fit you for those.

If you are seeking orthotics because of problem Biomechanical Alterations, relax (&/or rejoice), you have found the right place.

Orthotics are necessary when the arch of the foot pronates (drops, falls, flattens…), and the mechanics of the foot rotates the lower leg, and the upper leg. The pelvis is also torqued and one side “drops” (see picture). This can cause serious mechanical stress throughout the joints of the lower extremities, the pelvic and thespine (even up to the neck!).

The Goal of custom orthotics are to provide a proper foundation for your feet and help stabilize your ENTIRE body.

Don’t just go to ANYONE who offers orthotics! Orthotics have evolved over the years. To this point, there were basically three generations of orthotics:

1. Plaster of paris orthotics- These were made while the patient is sitting or lying down (non-weight bearing) and a cast or mold was made of the foot in the non-weight bearing position. This cast is sent off and several weeks later the orthotics arrive to the doctor’s office for the patient to “try on”. Patients report these to be quite uncomfortable for patient’s with biomechanical problems, but rather comfortable for patients with malformations of the foot (bunions & plantar warts). The problem was (& still is for those still using this outdated method) that the mechanics of the foot CHANGE upon standing (weight bearing). [NOTE: This method is the BEST for bunions, plantar warts, and foot deformities.]

2. Styrofoam mold- These were made as the patient steps into a box filled with Styrofoam. The Styrofoam makes (& holds) an impression of the patient’s actual foot (in weight bearing). These are also “sent out” to be made, they take several weeks to arrive to the doctor’s office for the patient to “try on”. Patients often find these uncomfortable or tolerable. The problem is that is makes an impression as the foot already is biomechanically… The result is a comfortable orthotics (because it fits the contour of your foot), but it does NOTHING to fix the biomechanical problem(s)!

3. Custom-Fit, Biomechanically Correct- At The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers, things are done differently (properly, biomechanically). The orthotic is placed under the patients foot while they are standing, and the foot is placed in the proper biomechanical position, then the orthotic is built up to the patients arch of the foot. These orthotics not only correctly address the biomechanical problems, but they are very comfortable and the in most cases, patient walks out with the orthotics the very same day.

Do not make the mistake of getting the WRONG kind of orthotics like #1 or #2 immediately above, unless you suffer with bunions and plantar warts which are the reason you are considering orthotics.

In Short: Properly constructed, custom-fit orthoticsaddress the mechanics of the FEET, which are the foundation for your entire body! Our custom fit orthotics are not only comfortable, but then help correct many biomechanical problems of the body.

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